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Just one mind you, he doesn’t condone drinking and driving and neither do I.After enjoying a beer with my co-workers, I head off home.As she posed, I feel my cock getting harder and harder in my shorts.

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I had the weekend off and I was very happy as it was supposed to be a very hot summer day in Toronto.

Last night, I had a few drinks with the lady next door.

A phone call around 7 AM is never good and I was thinking of not answering it, but that isn’t how I roll.

When I heard my bosses voice, I knew what he was going to say before he said anything.

Not to mention that she is almost 25 years younger then me and probably looks at me like a father figure rather then a sex object.

As I said, I had the weekend off and was just laying in bed enjoying listening to the news before I start my lazy Saturday when the phone rang.

Although I wasn’t hung over, I sure can’t drink like I did when I was younger.

Yes, my 55 year old body doesn’t recover as fast from a few drinks like I did in my roaring 20‘s.

A flash of light like from flash bulb from a camera. When I was just by the wall I heard a man’s voice then a woman’s. That is when I saw a very pretty blonde woman in her early thirties wearing a light summer dress and high heels partially bent over a table with a pair of panties around her ankles and her dress slightly pulled up from behind.

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