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We're taking some steps to make Akali a little less slippery while buffing her in other areas.

By changing her stealth type to Invisibility, she'll now be revealed by true sight, giving more enemies a way to find her when she's in her shroud.

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Specifically, his Q should look and feel more responsive, and his W now resets his attack swing animation and cleaves in a longer-reaching cone rather than a circle.

We're also enhancing the fantasy of playing a literal mountain by scaling Malphite's size as he stacks armor throughout the match.

This should open up more opportunities for Ahri, Cassiopeia, and Poppy to outplay their slippier opponents without increasing their overall power.

W minimum cast range removed; maximum cast range decreased; cooldown increased early and decreased late.

Malphite is one of the League's oldest champions, and we all know that rolling stones gather no moss.

To that end, we're giving the Shard of the Monolith a giant quality-of-life update that should make his abilities feel more satisfying to use.Galio has long been pro play regular, mainly due to his ability to safely clear waves at a range and threaten instant engages with his taunt Flash combo.Both of these things are exceptionally powerful in pro, but have led to a low solo queue winrate for the gargoyle.First, Twisted Fate is warping in to the Convergence for all your piracy and spell-slinging needs.Then, get ready to start climbing because the ranked Beta Season is coming and as they say, “RNG is a ladder.” Finally, items and gold will now drop from NPC rounds on a more consistent basis.Q cooldown and damage increased; cost decreased late.

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