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The 70th participated in the battles of Shiloh, Tennessee; Atlanta, George; the siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Sherman's March to the Sea. It was built before the Civil War, circa 1855, and was used by Confederate General John Morgan and his Raiders when they passed through the county during the Civil War. Wilson, merchant, soldier, statesman, and philanthropist. The home was used by Wilson as a station on the Underground Railroad and is now a nationally registered landmark.

It is located on State Route 73 six miles north of State Route 32.

It is operated and maintained by the Ohio Historical Society.

The center includes a genealogical collection, museum, post office, and log house. They were hunters and gatherers and did no farming.

It is believed that the first men came across a 'land bridge,' a large land area that connected Alaska and Siberia.

The old stone Courthouse was made into a hospital to serve the camp. The two-story addition, now the front of the home, was built in 1852 by George Kirker, son of the governor.

The 70th Ohio Volunteer infantry, organized in October 1861, trained on the old fairgrounds until Christmas day 1861, when it marched from Camp Hamer to Ripley. George Kirker later served as a Captain in the Civil War. The Harshaville Covered Bridge is the last covered bridge still used in Adams County. Wilson Homestead consists of historically renovated original log cabin and two-story brick homestead constructed circa 1840 by John T.

The home was one of the oldest frame houses built in the State of Ohio. Northern Ireland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and many other countries came together peaceably for a common purpose.

General Massie lived in this home until about 1802 when he sold it to his brother-in-law, Charles Willing Byrd, Secretary of the Northwest Territory. The grounds covered 2,000 acres and took in 17 farms. He was a known abolitionist and used this house as a station on the underground railroad.

Legend has it that often the Indians would disguise themselves as white men and ambush settlers who were traveling the Ohio River. The medicinal value of the springs was first promoted by Charles Matheny in 1840.

They are now a National Wildlife Refuge under the supervision of the U. In 1864 the first hotel and resort was built at that location and was named "Sodaville".

The present structure is located on the original site of the first Methodist Church built in Ohio and the old Northwest Territory. The pulpit was constructed from sixteen kinds of native wood.


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