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Since, international documents like passport are designed to meet a set of guidelines made by international organizations, something similar must happen to make this a reality.

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In theory, this would also abolish the concept of dual citizenship, but if this is still required for some reason, just carry two cards.

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Using a Biometric or E-Passport, an individual can quickly pass through an E-Gate or Smart Gate at Immigration without any human interference.

These kind of immigration is successfully offered by Dubai Interantional Airport in United Arab Emirates. It avoids long queueing or need of multiple immigration officers.

If you are worried about Visa and immigration stamping, just read along.

While designing, I researched many passports, the requirements, the guidelines, the design and the technology.

No matter where you are or where you go, you are a Resident not a Tourist.

Your medical records, driving status, credit report, bank details and identity moves with you.

India has entered the race with Aadhaar but there is a lot catching up to do. E government has a very successful Emirates Identity Program which issues Emirates ID card to all citizens and residents which encapsulates Biometric Identity and provides multitude of features like replacement for Bank Cards, Driving License and Travelling Document among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.


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