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A new psychology paper suggests that there was an increase in divorce after the Sichuan earthquake because the shaking primed people’s ideas of instability and breakdown, then goes on to show the same effect in the lab.Even the name is bizarre: Relational Consequences of Experiencing Physical Instability.I’d like to hear more people’s opinion on this: Jayman links me to a post of his where he argues against the third law of behavior genetics (most traits are 50-50 genetic/environmental), saying they are often more like 75% genetic, 25% environmental.

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Contradictory more optimistic interpretation; in no generation were more than like 10% of Germans anti-Semitic, so the indoctrination couldn’t have worked that well.

The Catholic blogosphere is talking about how fetal microchimeralism justifies the Assumption of the Virgin Mary or something.

They find that no, areas heavily bombed by the US are at least as rich and maybe even richer than areas that escaped attack.

They try to adjust for the possibility that the US predominantly bombed richer areas, but that doesn’t seem to be what caused the effect.

Their theory is that maybe the Vietnamese government invested more heavily in more thoroughly destroyed areas.

More evidence that compound interest is the least powerful force in the universe?

The pharmaceutical company involved got feminists to call the FDA sexist for rejecting a drug that might help women (NYT, Slate) and the FDA agreed to reconsider.

But now asexuals are mobilizing against the drug, saying that it pathologizes asexuality.

Despite the total lack of earthquakes in Michigan to prime me, I still feel like this finding is on shaky ground.

The most important Twitter hashtag of our lifetimes: #Add Lasers To Paleo Art.

A lot of people on my Facebook have asked why Black Lives Matter protesters are disrupting Bernie Sanders but not Hillary Clinton.


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