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Sadly, however, what may very well compete for one of the top spots of this imaginary "necessary-but-unpleasant" list of wifely duties happens to be sexual relations with her husband.

I will admit right here and now that I'm not big on statistics.

A husband, then, also has obligations as the "receiver" of this gift.

Jewish law teaches that a man who pleases his wife is doing a mitzvah - a good deed.

There won't be any problem if it waits till next week." The week then passes and Saturday morning the wife fully expects that the lawn will be cut because now it is getting a bit long and the neighbors are eyeing it.

The husband wakes up and stretches his arms out and says a bit sheepishly, "Gee, it was good to take a break from cutting the lawn last week. " To which the wife's dismay may be seen on her face but she is willing to let it slide.

But let's face it, many of us know of someone - and that someone might be you -- for whom marital sex has become a "chore" or is no longer part of the marriage. The Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2332 states: Sexuality affects all aspects of the human person in the unity of his body and soul.

Or, it may occur once a month or every other month. It especially concerns affectivity, the capacity to love and procreate, and in a more general way the aptitude for forming bonds of communion with others.No matter what age they live in, women will always have certain obligations if they have been called to the vocation of marriage.Some obligations will be embraced while others will be considered necessary but unpleasant.This teaching is many thousands of years old and clearly based upon the understanding that God created the martial union for the pleasure of both husband and wife but also in the ways in which it elevates them as pro-creators with God.The rules and regulations of sexual intimacy between a Jewish husband and wife are many and are meant for their mutual benefit.Of those laws there are specific ones in regards to what is not acceptable.


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