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The Princeton Reverb, on the other hand, has an extra 12AX7 preamp tube which gives it a more overdriven sound when the volume is pushed.

The tuxedo was the result of the ever-thrifty Leo Fender wanting to use up the remaining “brownface” Princeton Amp chassis and cabinets.

Issued from mid-1963 to mid-1964, the tuxedo amps featured Blackface cosmetics, but were very snazzy looking with white barrel knobs.

The new style Champ and Vibro Champ amps featured slanting control panels.

All of these amps put out about 4 watts and had a single 8” speaker.

These amps, fondly referred to as the “lunch box,” were sold by the thousands to students and professionals alike.

Immediately popular for studio use, they also found favor from musicians playing small gigs.

Tech Specs: The non-reverb Pro amps were about 40 watts and had a single 15” speaker.

By late 1964, they were replaced by the completely new Pro Reverb, which touted 40 watts and a pair of 12” speakers.

Fender offered a full range of amps in their Blackface line, ranging from the diminutive Champ to the massive Twin Reverb.

Cosmetically, the amps featured the aforementioned black control panels with white lettering, black tolex protective covering, and silver thread grille cloth.

Also, the non-reverb models cost a lot less than the reverb amps.


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