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From the way it sounds, this sect pretty much started with one family, but has grown to more, as the family's daughters have grown up and married men who they brought into the sect.

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Also, a few years back the sect tried to build a "community" of several homes on land outside of Lovell.

The county somehow denied the sect the ability to do this.

My son-in-law is from a prominent Lovell Mormon family. Because they believe so strongly in not drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. That doesn't mean that some of them don't get caught up in that type of lifestyle anyway, but they really preach clean living. people there, so of course they are pretty prominent in the area. Some do try hard to prosthetize and convert others to their religion, but most that I know don't. Being he was an upstanding member of another church in Lovell there was quite a problem between some of the L. It was written by Jack Olsen, a wonderful true crime writer.

They don't seem to have any problems with folks who are not of the L. The thing with Lovell is that there are a lot of L. It isn't that they shun or are not welcoming to those outside their faith, it's just that they are more "connected" with those that are. If you aren't a Mormon, don't be surprised if you are invited to events at their church. Story was a non-Mormon doctor in Lovell who was accused and later found guilty of sexual assault on patients. I know that it and his other books are available online.

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Only Shadowwalker knows for sure what that was about, but I'd guess he was referring to the Mormon religion.(??

) I've never witnessed problems with religion in Wyoming, but I've heard stories from some in Utah -- basically that you're never really accepted into a community until you join the church.

I've lived here for 38 years and never heard that about Lovell or any other Wyoming community.

It is very difficult to live in Lovell and take a stand against Mormonism.

Non-Mormons can say they aren't "bothered" by it, but I doubt it.

I grew up there and was certainly surprised moving away from it and seeing what "normal" communities are really like.


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