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Indeed, it is this spirit that infests young Indian daters, who come into the world with open minds and a willingness to share their religion as well as their hearts!

This opens the door for men and women who have a love for Indian culture, and are drawn to the people within it.

As an EOD ( Equal Opportunity Dater), I once went out an man by the named "Karma," although I don't think he was a good representative of the culture as he was something of a con artist.

The Indian Handstand is my all-time favorite, because I still get to see my girl from behind, but it’s from an entirely new angle.

It’s sexy AF.” — Gino, 22 This is one of the easiest positions from The Kama Sutra. Then you should lift your hips into the air, wrap your legs around your partner’s back, and rest your feet on his butt. It’s only a little change to what I’m used to doing — but it makes a BIG difference. And my husband is pretty happy too.” — Evan, 29 Start on your back with your knees against your chest.

Then have them lift you into the air until you reach an angle where they are able to penetrate you.

In order to help them keep you steady, you can always grab onto their thighs for balance.

As we learn about various cultures, we soon learn that these supposed differences really aren't as big as we once made them out to be.

If Hinduism is based on love and the evolution of the human spirit into divinity, isn't the greatest love and of all finding kinship with our neighbors and loving without limits?

On the other hand, more progressive Hindus look at the individual, stating that if the person in question is respectful of the Hindu faith, treats their partner with due dignity and respect and agrees to share Hindu concepts with their offspring, then there are a true Brahman at heart, and skin color or national origin should not matter.

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