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When they see their partner upset, it reassures them that they care. Dr Brenda Shoshanna, psychologist, workshop leader, is the award-winning author of many books.Others have seen their parents fighting and this is the only role model they have. Her most recent book "Jewish Dharma (Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen)," offers new ways of healing both relationships and all aspects of our lives.

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When some people see that things aren't working they become depressed.

They start to feel as though they're not loveable, that destiny is against them or that they will always be a failure in love. You simple have not yet been taught important truths about relationships.

"You don't love me for myself, but for the person you want me to be," they say. When you try to change them they feel you don't really love them.

You just want to turn them into someone to fill your needs.

When time comes for intimate conversation guys clam up, offer a few grunts and expect women to magically understand what's going on. However, something else many don't realize is, men are more fragile than women.

In order for them to talk, things have to be right.

Everyday I worry that he'll find out who I really am and leave." This woman not only expected rejection, she actually did little things to bring it about.

Soon she began to sabotage the relationship, finding fault with him at every turn.

All that's needed here is to learn how to create the right conditions, what is necessary for a man to feel safe enough with you to talk.

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