Dating signs he likes you

Just like you’re scared to actually say these words, so is he!A guy who really likes you, though, will just say it.

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Probably because he wants you to know he likes you, which he clearly does.

Way before you get to the stage of meeting each other’s parents, you have to go through meeting each other’s friends. If a guy is bringing you around to his friend group and talking his friends up to you, it’s a good sign he’s really into you.

As in: When you whip our your phone, front-facing camera already open in Instagram Stories, he pops in frame to cheese alongside you, rather than hiding behind you like a scared toddler.

A dude who’s into you doesn’t care whether all your followers see, not just your “close friends.”Here’s something crazy: When someone likes you, they want to spend time with you. But a guy who gets weird when you ask to hang out more than once in a week probably doesn’t like you, at least not in the way you like him.

When he’s into you, he doesn’t count how often you’re hanging out, and he certainly doesn’t give you grief for it. In the tenuous beginnings of any romance, texting twice in a row is terrifying for both parties. But also, you low-key want to stay in constant contact.

You’re not just sitting on someone’s couch, eating takeout and watching TV (although that’s great too). If a guy’s really into you, he ditches the self-consciousness about double-texting, and honestly, thank god. In the early stages of a relationship, sleeping in your own, comfy bed usually overrides crashing at their place—no matter how cozy your spoon situation is.

Subtle Clues There’s more to look out for than just body language when it comes to deciphering a guy’s inner mind.

You can always find more clues before you jump to conclusions.

This is his way of seeing how you fit into his life and his way of determining what you think of the people he cares most about.

I’m not talking about, like, full on make-outs in public.

He’s trying to impress you by doing things like taking you to the park on a nice day or going for ice cream because ice cream is great and it’s fun to eat with someone you like. Two people who like each other and are hanging out with each other are going on dates. And a guy who likes you will call it what it is, WHICH! When a guy starts asking if he can stay the night at your place—the One of the best things is when your dates are not so much dates anymore, but just the two of you doing your regular, everyday, human activities with each other. But for whatever reason, this is one of those tiny things guys get SO weird about.

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