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Not only have we seen new dynamics spring up in her absence, like the unlikely friendship between Winston and Cece, but we've also been introduced to a compelling new character in Megan Fox's Reagan.So while I'm still very much looking forward to having Jess back where she belongs, I can't deny that it's been a highly enjoyable season even without her there to keep our gang in check.

Can this dysfunctional group handle the adorkable new girl?

The 1 star review that shows up when I looked this up on IMDb is ridiculous!

And then we had this idea of sequestering her, because they live in LA and it's the kind of place where they have high-profile cases.

What really sold us on the idea, honestly, was just the idea of Jess in a jury sketch."And it all ended up working out for the best.

I watch quite a few shows (way too many) and this one genuinely gets a smile on my face without cheap tricks, fake laughter, annoying punchline tunes trying to convince me what just happened was funny.

The main characters in this show are already memorable in the pilot, they just have chemistry straight away.

"What was difficult was that it just didn't feel plausible that she wouldn't be in contact with them, that she wouldn't be emailing and calling.

We wondered if we should bank a bunch of generic Jess advice phone calls.

Her personality in this show is exactly why I fall in love in real life.

Just watched the third episode and I'll be sure to tune in next week!

The couple welcomed their first child, son Henry Lamar Hornsby on September 21, 2011 and son Calvin on June 8, 2015.8 (US) or 38.5 (EU)Emily has appeared in commercials for brands like Fiat, Avon, and others. Deschanel has appeared in 1994 romantic comedy-drama film It Could Happen to You for her role as “animal rights activist”.

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