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"A lot of physicians (and certainly many or most persons getting tested) don’t understand herpes immunoglobulin (Ig G) testing.If antibodies are there, you’re positive, you’re infected, but half the US adult population has HSV1, mostly oral and infrequently if ever transmissible,” he said.

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If someone's test results indicate they are without STIs, Shah explained, their profile will display that status as a glass of neat whiskey, which she chose for the alcohol's strength and popularity.

Whereas if a person's results suggest they do have this or that STI, different garnishes will appear on their whiskey icon--reportedly chosen at random, and not, presumably, because of real-life palatability or resemblance.

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In terms of getting people to open up to their partners about sexual health, he added, "The online aspect may make it less daunting for some people, but at some point you need to have real-world conversations.", and former head of STD prevention for Public Health Seattle & King County "trailblazer" in the field,  Neat Club's testing requirements would also impose an undue burden on users by making them submit to (and likely pay for) a number of tests that are unnecessary and, in some cases, famously unreliable.

For example, while testing for herpes simplex virus (HSV) 2 is reasonable, testing for HSV 1 is "a bad idea," Handsfield said."The single exception is gay men, and especially HIV-positive men.On the other hand, a good side to testing for Hepatitis C is because of its risk to the liver, but it's a test that [Baby] Boomers should be getting, so probably not people using the app." And when it comes to HPV tests, which Neat Club currently requires for women only, Handsfield commented that they "shouldn't be done." He explained, “There are no FDA approved tests at all in males, and even though some labs will do them by swabbing the outside of the penis, the man could have two or three types simultaneously and the test is only designed to pick up one.Both Shah and the app's online presence stress that Neat Club can't guarantee sex safe between its users, of course.But Shah said the added layer of caution can help users who practice safe sex to find added protection in a country where, as Neat Club's website observes, there are 20 million new STI diagnoses each year, one in six adults reportedly has genital herpes, and closer to two-thirds have the oral variety--in both cases, mostly asymptomatically.By inviting daters to get their status and any disclosure thereof settled at the start, Shah said, she hopes the app will help break down some of that stigma while helping to keep people safer.  Unlike dating sites for people who already have specific STIs, Shah said, Neat Club will soon welcome persons of any status onto the platform, provided they keep that status up to date by submitting test results for confirmation every four months.

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