Friend dating ex husband cnn pitfalls of online dating

What boundaries you set for yourself, as to what you believe is healthy for you is, is something you're going to need to start to work on.

Thinking now, if my best friend started dating my ex, I can feel my blood starting to boil.

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I would like to try to keep what we had as friends.

As time went on, I realized that she maybe said she wanted those things too so that she could tell others I was ok with it and that she tried..

Be that as it may, it's not on them to wait until you get right with it before they start to pursue one another.

Nobody's happiness should be contingent on the actions of another.

you know, to cope with whatever guilt she felt at the time.

She hasn't shown remorse at all and hasn't reached out since to hang out.

That was the first big sign I ignored and let pass because we were all friends and I figured since I had been the one who wanted to leave the marriage first, I felt I didn't deserve sympathy from anyone.

Throughout the year, she kept hanging out with him and our old mutual gang.

We saw each other less and less because she felt awkward inviting me.

A year after, at a community orchestra reception we played in together, she said that they decided to see if there was anything there. We even have a "couples" tattoo, an elephant on our wrists that face one another when our wrists touch.

It's not a difficult jump to feelings of resentment and betrayal.

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