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I had previously submitted a Jackin World Biography, but the story was unfinished — just covering early years in detail with a smattering of info from college on.I would now like to relate further on my college years and beyond.We also experimented quite a few times with mutual oral stimulation.

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This was all done with neither one of us saying a word.

We both ejaculated in large volumes almost simultaneously, cleaned up, and put our pants back on, and then continued with the tutoring as if nothing had ever happened.

Shortly after I started, my roommate whispered, "Whatcha doing? " He turned on the lights and we proceeded to continue masturbating under our covers watching each other.

Nothing was said about it the next day, but the following night we repeated.

Within 10 minutes we were both stark naked, lying in my bed masturbating each other.

After we finished I told him that whenever he felt like it he could come on over so we could enjoy the pleasures of masturbating together.

One day late in the fall was an "Indian summer" day and I was expecting him over that evening for a tutoring session.

My window faced the west and my room was at least 85 degrees when he arrived.

My freshman year was my first time away from home for an extended period.

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