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Unlocking the Truth's music and what they represent more broadly -- a group of kids making music that perhaps their peers and adults might not always see as "normal" -- aligns with the spirit of metal and punk music at its purest.

And, in that sense, who better for the band to interview, and be interviewed by, than the "founding father of punk," Richard Hell?

I was probably as influenced by TV shows as anything else.

Those included Howdy Doody, Father Knows Best, The Mickey Mouse Club, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger and Route 66.

Heavy metal is the music that lifts us up when we are down.

Heavy metal is the music to get all our emotions out. Japanese animated TV shows and wrestling are the reasons why this music is in our blood.

RH: Probably the biggest change is how electronics have affected it, both in the way music is created (sampling and other computer-assisted ways of making music) and for its distribution (the Internet and the way it's both made getting your music to a public easier, or at least something you can do yourself, while at the same time has made it so easy for people to take musicians' work without paying for it).

As far as styles of music, the biggest change has got to be the advent and huge success of hip-hop and everything about how it's done and what it says and means.

So I'm just writing lyrics now and doing melodies." Biff also talked about the direction of the new SAXON material.

He said: "Well, it's a mixture of rock and roll and heavy metal, as always.

UTT: How was life growing up for you during the punk era?


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