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Finally—whether you installed the database software from scratch or have access to an existing Oracle Database instance—download, unzip, and execute the SQL script to create the tables for the SQL_101 schema that is required for this article’s examples.(View the script in a text editor for execution instructions.) Some of the examples also use the DUAL table.Recall that DUAL is an Oracle system table owned by the SYS user, not the SQL_101 schema.

She plays dress up with Jude every day.” Such doting was a shock to Stewart, who quips, “She treats her dogs a little bit the same way, [but] she didn’t do it with me!

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To learn about creating queries, see Introduction to queries.

Here are some common date criteria examples, ranging from simple date filters to more complex date range calculations.

Fearful time was running out, Stewart opted for surrogacy but learned that hurdles still remained.

Before Jude’s successful birth, Stewart’s surrogates had miscarried four times.“I can’t stand girlie, [but] she sneaked in a onesie with itchy bows.From this time onwards the Crown of Castile began to infiltrate the Island of Gran Canaria in political, social and economic terms.The capital of Gran Canaria became the administrative centre and epicentre of the planning of the archipelago (the Bishopric of the Canaries, the Court of the Holy Inquisition, the Royal Court of the Canaries...).DUAL contains no meaningful data itself, but it is useful to query it as a way to experiment with functions that work on literals.The DATE datatype is stored in Oracle Database in an internal format that consists of both date and time information: the century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.Other banks outside the network may impose ATM surcharges at their machines.


  1. For the duplication process, the database instance associated with the duplicate database is called the to the auxiliary instance.

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  3. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and traversed along its length by the Apennines, Italy has a largely temperate seasonal and Mediterranean climate.

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