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A convicted felon could find himself serving many years in state prison for possession of a firearm poor could find himself in federal prison for the possession of a firearm or even so much as a single 22 caliber bullet.

The District Attorney's Office, as well as the US attorney's office, actively prosecute felons who are in possession of firearms or ammunition.

A convicted felon to not have access to any firearms or ammunition or do anything by which they could be found to be in direct or constructive possession of a firearm. Criminally negligent homicide pursuant to Section 13A-6-4.

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As in any criminal case, the burden of going forward is on the prosecution.

The accused person has nothing to prove and has no burden of proof.

Even if a convicted felon is "allowed" possession under Alabama law, they still cannot possess a firearm under federal law. Compelling street gang membership pursuant to Section 13A-6-26.

While there are a few very narrow exceptions, a felony conviction means you no can no longer own firearms or ammunition.

In some instances, your lawyer might choose to present, prior to trial the evidence that you are wrongly accused.

In some circumstances, your lawyer may wish to wait and reveal this information during the course of your trial.

Of course in some instances, the critical evidence is the testimony of the victim in a domestic violence case.

In that type of case, with the victim refuses to testify or fails to show up for court it is quite possible the charges could eventually be dismissed.

There are a variety circumstances under Alabama law where a judge may issue some form of domestic violence order typically restraining an individual from contact another individual listed in the order.


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