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Libya's economy is heavily state centralized and based primarily on the hydrocarbons sector.

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However, Libyan women do not have the same rights as Libyan men to transfer their nationality to their foreign-born spouses or children.

While children of a Libyan father and non-Libyan mother are given Libyan nationality, children of a Libyan mother and a non-Libyan father are not and require visas to enter the country.

This is largely associated with the fact that Libyan society remains extremely conservative, and patriarchal religious values and tribal cultures prevail.

Moreover, despite the rhetoric of the regime, it has done little to try to overcome social and cultural hindrances to improving women's status.

As a result, the bloated state sector is the largest employer.

However, public sector wages have been more or less frozen since the early 1980s and most people have had to take on two jobs in order to survive.

Unemployment levels are estimated to be around 30 percent, and this affects the youth in particular.

There is also a large parallel economy that developed especially during the 1990s when Libya was under international sanctions.

One of the most important is the Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Age of the Masses (1988), which states, "men and women are equal in everything which is human.


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  3. Libya's economy is heavily state centralized and based primarily on the hydrocarbons sector.

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