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When Gwen discovers Abbey and Shoemaker's plans, Abbey trades the Fairbell Tape in exchange for the vending machines.

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After a madcap quest to obtain them, they find their scheme failed because Bryce's dad bribed the school's principal into allowing his son to go unpunished.

Upset that her friends' plan failed, librarian Abbey Logan vandalizes Bryce's new car with drawings of male genitals.

Loren brings a used couch to the teacher's lounge, inadvertently triggering a lice infestation.

Because of his own experiences having lice as a kid, Loren is put in charge of cleansing the school of lice and promptly goes drunk with power, declaring a lock-down.

Loren, Shoemaker and Fairbell try to help get a shy student, Richard Cooper, elected student body president after the former president is impeached by his fellow classmates after it is revealed that he was born in Canada.

However, the plan backfires as Richard becomes drunk with the power that comes with being popular and Loren begins a smear campaign against his opposition, popular girl Becky Cosgrove.

Special Guest: Susie Essman The school's volleyball team reaches the state finals, which leads to the school's PTA suspending Andy as coach so they replace him with a more famous coach that they think will have a better chance at winning the big game.

In response, the team's star player, Little Debbie, quits the team in protest of Andy's demotion.

Meanwhile, Loren schemes to recruit his cousin, Uncle Jake, to run the concession stand selling pizza slices, in order to get a cut of the profits while Abbey tries to convince Jake to start a book program with his restaurant.

The teachers go into panic when the school board superintendent, who is running for mayor, arrives to evaluate them for the purpose of selecting one to be fired.

High school teachers Loren Payton, Andy Fairbell, and Billy Shoemaker are being tormented by one of the school's football players, Bryce, who takes sadistic glee in terrorizing his teachers.

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