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Amazon offers three levels of subscription plans: Basic which includes 7 days of cloud storage, support for three cameras and the Person detection and Zones features for .99 a month (or for the year), Extended which offers 14 days of cloud storage, support for up to five cameras and the advanced features for .99 a month (or 0 for the year), or the Pro level which supports up to 10 Cloud Cams and includes all the advanced features for .99 a month (or 0 for the year).By comparison, Nest Cam offers a similar subscription plan model that's a bit more expensive for the top-tiers but also allows for 24/7 continuous recording (Amazon only offers clip recording) and a cheaper basic option at just a month, or for the year.You're able to connect up to three cameras with 24 hours of cloud storage, alert notifications, and unlimited sharing included with your purchase, but if you want more advanced features or support for more cameras you will require a subscription plan — and I'll be touching on those a bit further down.

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This means you won't get alert notifications every time your kid comes home from school — unless that's something that you want.

Another great feature designed to cut down on unnecessary alert notifications is Zones, which let you go into the Amazon Cloud Cam app and highlight areas of the camera's viewing angle that it doesn't need to monitor for movement alerts.

These wolf cams are live-broadcasting the International Wolf Center’s ambassador wolves. If you don’t spot them, look closely in the background under the trees.

If you still don’t see any, check back periodically. You may witness qualified Wolf Care staff providing daily physical checks and veterinary care as well as maintenance to the enclosure.

Priced at just $119 each, it beats out its top competition from Arlo and Nest Cam.

If you're planning to install more than one throughout your home, the deals simply get even better: buy two for 9.99 or three for 9.97.You probably expected that, but depending on the number of Alexa-enabled products you have in your house it could be a real game-changer.You can tell Alexa to cast your Cloud Cam to your Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Show, or Echo Spot to quickly see what's happening in another room in your house — perfect for those times when your kids have been a little quiet in their playroom.But when there are other options out there, it's worth considering whether you want to install cloud cameras controlled by Amazon.Amazon states in its Cloud Cam Terms of Service that it will "process and retain your Cloud Cam Recordings in the cloud to provide and improve our products and services" — that's a pretty vague statement when we're talking about a company whose main service is getting you to buy more things.Arlo's cloud subscription plans start out offer 7 days of cloud recording and support for up to 5 cameras for free, with the mid-range tier offering 30-days of cloud recording and support for up to 10 cameras for , which is equivalent to Amazon's Pro-level subscription but at half the price.

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