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Berry and her French beau, Olivier Martinez, got married in 2013 and she gave birth to their son, Maceo Robert Martinez a few months later.

Back in 2014, Berry told Ellen De Generes that discovering she was pregnant with her second child at the age of 47 was unexpected, since she thought her baby-making days were over!

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He was born on 12th of January in 1966, in Paris, France, with mother as secretary and a father, who had a Spanish roots, was a boxer.

Olivier Martinez started his career as an actor in 1990s, encouraged by his friends, to take an acting classes in the International Conservatory of Paris, in one of the best, well respected conservatory in the world.

Apparently, Elsa has no problems being settled down, as long as she’s settling under a skeezy-yet-attractive, ratty-sexy Frenchman.

Elsa must have waited a full two days before flying off to Paris to get into Olivier’s pants.

Speaking of her “geriatric pregnancy” she said, “I was, you know, on my way …

this is probably way TMI, but I was really, you know, kinda premenopausal so to have this happen was a huge [shock].”After her divorce from Martinez in December 2016, and with Maceo being just three years old, Berry hasn’t spoken out about dating anyone.

They began dating and Berry became pregnant with her first child. The two fought for everything from settlements to Nahla’s hair!

Berry accused Gabriel of straightening their daughter’s naturally curly hair, and adding highlights to make her look less African-American.

Halle Berry hit the red carpet at the annual Butterfly Ball in L. Her figure-hugging silver dress was eye-catching enough, but everyone was more shocked to see what is speculated to be a baby bump!


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