Cha xxx - Patti stanger top dating tips

You’ll also be entertained as you read this step-by-step manual.

does a very thorough job in laying out the strategies for finding love.

It should only be you in your photos and that is very important.” Whether candid or staged, you still want to look your best, says Stanger.

While is geared towards women, men can also learn how to pursue a woman and capture her heart.

Patti Stanger is a third generation matchmaker and the founder of the prestigious Millionaire’s Club.

Her dating advice breaks down the process of looking for love into eight easy steps.

You’ll learn where to find a date whether you’re looking for a millionaire or a regular joe, how to tell if you’ve got the right match, and how to get a proposal.

“Candid shots better than professional shots but I think you should mix those up,” she says.

“They shouldn’t be all staged shots like you’re a blogger on Instagram, but you also need that candid ‘Hey, I just went to yoga class and my friend took a goofy photo of me,’ shot instead of the selfie thing. I don’t think it’s wise to have 16 cats and 15 beers in the picture, or three girls you can’t get in your photos.Much of the advice is reminiscent of the dating guide “The Rules” from many years ago, only updated for our high tech world.One piece of advice some women might bristle at is the idea of dressing nice and putting on lipstick before leaving the house.I just think this is good advice for any woman, whether or not looking for a man, to present yourself to the world looking your best.My favorite tips from the book are Patti’s suggestions for where to go to meet men. Although unique, my least favorite and strangest piece of advice is to hand out bio cards to guys you like.The matchmaking maven, who grew up in the Millburn-Short Hills area, notes that daters in New Jersey and New York are a lot more direct than those looking for love on the West Coast, where evasiveness permeates profiles, wasting both time and energy.


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