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The rise of solutions enabling to block or skip such ads greatly endangers this mainstream source of revenue.Advertisements represent a major source of revenue for many websites and companies.

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There have been some tentative to embed targeted ads into syndicated feeds (an ad would be served in an RSS item or blog post containing keywords that an advertiser has pre-selected) but text filtering (keywords-based - or involving other techniques) can bring this to defeat too.

At last, the use of so-called mashups also poses a threat to online advertising.

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A method and system to selectively secure the display of advertisements on web browsers, defining a particular displayed area of said interpreted markup file, obtaining the DOM tree of said interpreted markup file, said DOM tree comprising parent and child nodes; each node being associated with displayable elements, identifying in the DOM tree a set of child nodes whose displayable elements comprise said particular displayed area, identifying in the DOM tree a first parent node comprising said set of child nodes, converting displayable elements associated with said identified first parent node to an image, generating a second parent node comprising said image, modifying the DOM tree into a modified DOM tree by deleting said identified set of child nodes and by replacing the identified first parent node by the second parent node.

In the case wherein ads are massively rejected (and even "well targeted", effective or informative ads of major companies), there won't be free contents or services anymore.

For now, only the most technically proficient users are aware of such adblocking techniques but a default integration of such tools in mass-market web browsers would result in huge losses for companies whose business model rely on advertisement.

From users' point of view, adblocking benefits include cleaner looking web pages, lower resource- usage (bandwidth) and the loading of pages is said to be speeded-up (many pages are designed to load heavy ads first).

The state of the art comprises many adblocking techniques enabling to skip or to remove advertisements on web browsers, such as pure text browsers, pop-up blockers (or pop-under), blacklists of URLs of ad servers, text filtering tools (based on keywords, to prevent ad files from loading), script blockers, use of CSS rules (to hide specific HTML and XHTML elements), etc. The use of extraction techniques for building personalized web pages, the use of RSS and the use of mashups also induce advertisements' skipping.

It is important to notice that according to this RSS model, content providers do control feeds, meaning they can choose what content to offer to theirs subscribers, trough RSS feeds.


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