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David Parker Ray, also known as the Toy-Box Killer, was a serial rapist and torturer and suspected serial killer.

Inside there was a woman who helped the man tie and gag her, along with placing a metal collar around her neck.

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He referred to the trailer as the "toy box." Ray was born in Belen, New Mexico, on November 6, 1939.

His parents, Cecil and Nettie Ray, were poor and lived with Nettie's parents on a small ranch where they raised David and his younger sister Peggy.

She told them that a man and a woman had kidnapped her and held her as a sex slave for three days.

There she was raped and tortured with whips, medical instruments, electric shock, and other sexual instruments until she managed to escape.

Police in Arizona and New Mexico suspect that Ray was responsible for the murders of at least 60 people, based on accusations by his accomplices.

Ray earned the moniker the "Toy-Box Killer" because he spent 0,000 sound-proofing and stocking a truck trailer with devices used to torture his victims.

Years later, he told his fiancé that his first victim was a woman he tied to a tree and tortured and murdered when he had just become a teenager.

Whether this was true or materialized out of his constant fantasies of bondage and torture is unknown.

Cecil was an abusive drunk who lashed out at his wife and children.

He eventually left Nettie and the children when David was 10 years old.

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