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Together we will participate in all sorts of community activities, such as dining out, concerts, river festivals, sporting events, etc.

Part of being an active participant is by hosting/co-hosting at least one event per year.

If health, family, or travels, means you are unable to participate please let us know.

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However, if this is not done two days in advance of a house party, you will be charged the same amount as if you had intended.

This money goes to the host, therefore last minute cancellations will affect the host/hostess monetarily.

While getting a masters degree, she participated in feminist reading groups and found herself in dialogue with women who saw lesbianism as a sexual expression of a feminist politics.

Some of the women she talked to saw men as “the enemy.” Rose wondered, however, if there was a different way of practicing heterosexuality.

Please read all of the following which contains basic membership requirements. Our goal is to make new friends and meet other singles who like interacting with the opposite sex.

We have a great group of men and women and we want those who will put forth a little effort to be members.

They challenge ideas about authorship, expression, and the line between public and private life.

Rose and Flanagan belong in that company – but their importance is different.

For 16 years she explored this question with Bob Flanagan.

Their romantic and creative partnership is hard to classify – our vocabulary isn’t nearly as elastic as it needs to be on this point.

If you meet within SOS, you can both remain members, but we ask that you actively interact with other members when attending an SOS event.

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