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While our conversations can get interesting, we do want to return to this venue in the future! The AIS One Night Party - - is the next week...

and this will be a great time to make friends, flirt, and possibly make plans for the event! It's going to be a great evening of socializing and fun!

We simply ask that you check out and abide by the rules, (you can find those on our website Click Here ( and be honest about your status. It is our desire to bring education and social gatherings to the growing group of people involved and interested in the B. We will be going over the Hip Harness that Not_Today_Satan created and has used for 5 years.

We are here to bring support, excitement, interest, and a forum for those who have an interest in Kink / B. Despite the spooky name it is an incredibly hardy and handy harness to put in your skill closet.

Each monthly meeting will address a specific aspect of the public scene and will have a designated time for open questions.

topic 1: How to Handle Events - Play Parties, Munches & Meet N Greets; topic 2: Getting into Play – Consent, Negotiations and Meeting people; topic 3: Power Exchange, Etiquettes & Protocols, Scene Vocabulary, and topic 4: Putting it all together - Risks, Summary, & Q & A...

These meetings are meant to be an orientation to the kink community, the AIS way!

If you have been in the public scene for *less than 6 months, this meeting is for you.It's a great way to learn what happens, and how to interact in many of the environments you will encounter within the community.We have designed a rotating series of four ongoing meetings for new people.Central Ohio's growing Pansexual, Polyamorous BDSM/Kinky Fun Group - Adventures In Sexuality (AIS) is open to all adults!* While we are based in Columbus Ohio, we have local and regional events that welcome people from all over!But you probably still have additional ponderings: What happens at a play party? What do I say when I am interested in playing with someone?

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