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When active, IE11 will utilize Auto Complete for the following items within its address bar.Those components not accompanied by a check mark will be excluded.The Auto Complete Settings dialog should now be displayed.

These suggested matches can save you from a great deal of unnecessary typing in the long run, and can also serve as a virtual memory bank of data that you may have otherwise forgotten.

IE11 allows you to manage Auto Complete in several ways, providing the ability to specify which data components (browsing history, Web forms, etc.) are utilized as well as offering a way to delete all history associated with this feature.

Basically the option to configure the DNS server is greyed out, along with just about every other option. I tried to submit images but apparently I don't have the reputation points needed. Once you've done that, AD should be able to come up properly.

:) I have removed and added the DNS role a couple of times. Once AD is up properly, you should be able to DCPROMO the server so that it's not a domain controller anymore, and once you've done that, you should be able to install a standalone DNS role without AD integration.

Sophos installs components required for features that aren’t available in your license or that aren’t currently enabled in your Sophos Central policies.

This makes it easier to enable the features if you upgrade your license or policies. Sophos never forces this restart and there is no impact on protection or threat detection updates during the period before the restart.When the drop-down menu appears, select Internet options.The Internet Options dialog should now be displayed, overlaying your main browser window. IE11's Content Options should now be displayed. Click on the Settings button, found within this section.The following Power Shell cmdlet will also enable the interface: You can also uninstall Windows Defender AV completely with the Remove Roles and Features Wizard by deselecting the Windows Defender Features option at the Features step in the wizard.This is useful if you have a third-party antivirus product installed on the machine already.Even the most experienced typists can use some help every now and then, and IE11's Auto Complete feature provides just that.

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