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Every idea put forth in the reading of your Sun sign is intensified by the Aries Moon.

This shortcoming notwithstanding, you are likely to get far in the world because of your quick wit and good intentions.

Your debate skills allow you to back lesser opponents into the corner with relative ease.

For all the charm and dash of manner about you, there is a distinct layer of steely drive and determination.

The aggressiveness and rough edges of Aries are softened and smoothed by the influence of Taurus.

You are not impressed with abstract thoughts and ideas, only actions and accomplishments. Your mind is always active: reading, talking, discussing.

When it comes to getting things done and done rapidly, your talents can fill the bill.

This position provides exceptional leadership traits, but a need to develop qualities of tact and consideration for the feeling of others can impede progress.

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows that you can combine forcefulness and enough tact to be effective as leader.

There's a "sugar and spice" way of driving your point home, and winning.

You have a powerful magnetic quality, coupled with a very strong will and determination for leadership.

You can be an agreeable and polite person, with tactless behavior kept well in check.


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