Tiffany and nichkhun dating art dating site

The attention spilled onto Nichkhun as anti-fans left a splurge of hateful comments on Nichkhun’s Twitter, causing the male idol to take action and block some anti-fans from his Twitter account.

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A representative of JYP Entertainment explained, “It is true that the two recently broke up.

The reason they broke up is a personal matter, so there was no mention of it.

Sadly, a year and 4 months later, the news first broke, that the two were reported to have broken up over their busy schedules and the natural separation they experienced over that fact.

After his break up with Tiffany Young in 2015, there has not been any recent news regarding his relationship or a new girlfriend in sight.

The first evidence discovered was little bits addressing each other in albums thanks to, referring to each other in English and with cute nicknames.

Tiffany Young referred to Nichkhun as ‘The Silly bf’ and Nichkhun referred to her as ‘little Young’ stemming from Tiffany’s last name.

Furthermore, rumors have circulated among other 2PM and Girls Generation members, thus this is just another relationship to add to that.

Following the reveal of their relationship, their respective entertainment agencies, JYP and SM Entertainment we swift to confirm the rumors that in fact, the pictures did depict the two on a date and that they are still in the early stages of their relationship.

However, it appears that the two have decided to return to being colleagues after about a year and four months of dating.

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