Twins dating show mtv

MTV’s Are You the One season 8 has been casting this summer, looking for the “usual hot singles” but also for “sexually fluid individuals,” according to casting web sites. That’s a first for the MTV reality competition, which has so far featured a cast of straight men and women trying to figure out who their opposite-sex match is. AYTO season eight will film in January 2019, according to one casting notice.The production company, Lighthearted Entertainment, has a separate form for sexually fluid individuals to use when applying.

Twins dating show mtv

It says:“This season, in addition to our usual hot singles, we are particularly interested in casting SEXUALLY FLUID INDIVIDUALS.

If you are over the age of 21 and open to dating all genders, please apply now! The twins form only gives the option of male or female, while the application for sexually fluid individuals allows applicants to choose non-binary.

John and Edward confirmed their involvement in the show on their Twitter feed in a series of promo videos.

The lads told fans they're on the lookout for 'cool and spontaneous people' who accept them for who they are and are looking for a good time.

We're putting our Love lives in the hands of @MTV and You!

Follow @MTVSingle AF around the world to see if we’ll find Love #MTVSingle AF Z82fj O— JEDWARD (@planetjedward) June 19, 2017 After their X Factor dreams came to an end in 2009, Edward said the boys weren’t relationship types.

“They see it on the movies and think that’s what’s expected.

We say, ‘Come on guys, this is Ireland, not Laguna Beach’. Meanwhile, in Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry rubbed her bare backside against John but failed to take her flirtation any further, despite throwing in a lap dance for good measure.

At least now, there will be more diversity in who those beautiful people are attracted to.

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