Updating firmware on cd burner Meetnaugty

Otherwise, you may experience General Errors, requests for database repair, or crashing.

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If you encounter any of the following issues, a firmware update might be necessary: Since any firmware update runs a risk of failure, and a failed firmware update can render your drive useless, you shouldnt install firmware updates casually.

However, as the preceding examples make clear, sooner or later youll probably need one.

Errors can be identified by a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.

In my book, Upgrading and Repairing PCs, and in my training classes I frequently emphasize the importance of motherboard BIOS upgrades.

Several Pioneer DVD-RW drive models, including the DVR-A03, 103, A04, and 104 models, as well as the DVR-7000 and PRV-9000 standalone recorders can be damaged or destroyed if they attempt to write to high-speed DVD-RW/R media (4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW speeds) before the firmware update is installed.

What are the clues that you should look for a firmware update for your optical drive?BIOS upgrades can be used to fix problems with CPU and memory support, USB ports, system stability, and many other problems.However, the motherboard BIOS is just one type of firmware (software in a chip) which needs to be upgraded periodically.Restart the system normally after the update is complete.With Windows 9x/Me, you can use MSConfig (System Configuration Utility), choose Selective Startup and uncheck Load Startup Group items and Process Win. After completing the firmware update, be sure to rerun MSConfig and choose Normal startup before restarting the computer.Switching drives and unplugging external optical drives may cause a problem when you try to burn a DVD to an internal drive after unplugging the external drive.


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