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If you want to move this data elsewhere, change the User data folder location in the File settings and manually copy all your data to the new location.

Projects and Backup folders are located under: If you have updated from FL Studio 12 or lower, you will see an 'Old projects' folder in the Browser, this points to the legacy project location.

Windows Movie Maker hasn’t received updates, and the software giant is no longer developing it.

When Microsoft discontinued the app, the users had no other choice than to download alternatives because Microsoft stopped developing and pulled the download links.

If you’ll launch the new app called “Video Editor”, it will redirect you to Microsoft Photos app.

It appears that the so-called Video Editor just opens the video editing panel of the Photos app. It’s just a shortcut to access video editing features on Photos App.

User data - All FL Studio user data is saved to a 'FL Studio' subfolder under ...\Users\[your computer account]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio (this is the same for Windows and mac OS).

If you keep this folder backed up, you should never lose any project related data or settings ever again!

We do this so that more people are able to harness the power of computing and digital technologies for work, to solve problems that matter to them, and to express themselves creatively.

IMPORTANT: Your user data in the FL Studio 11/12 installation folder (plugin database, presets and working audio etc), has not been automatically moved to the new User data folder location.

Microsoft could at some point launch a native video editor for Windows 10 and revive the features of Windows Movie Maker in a modern flavour.


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  3. I've also heard that only a few versions of MSOffice/Access will work when being ran over the file server vs. If you did install the Office image to the server correctly, along with RDS then I think that you're down to asking MS for help here: Supported installation methods for Office 2010 The server (Windows 2003) that I 1st noticed this issue on has since resolved itself.

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