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The new Xbox 360 update, however, isn't a groundbreaking one.There were neither amazing features added nor was there any exploit that needed to be patched up.

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Step 5 – Restart the Xbox 360 and the software update will be complete.

Note: The version of the console software available here is from 12 December, 2013.

Once the disc arrives, place it in your Xbox 360 and the program will begin automatically.

Once it finishes, your system will restart and original titles will be supported.

Any future updates will be installed automatically when an original Xbox title is played on the 360 console. Download the update by visiting the Xbox support page and opening the zipped file once it is on your computer.

If you are using Windows XP, you can open the zipped file as if it were a regular folder.

The Microsoft Corporation updates Xbox 360 software when new features or problem solutions for the console are available.

Some of the common problems that game players experience that indicate the need to check for available updates include the dashboard themes not working or appearing on the console display, missing avatars, or the kinetic sensor not working.

The update's release notes, perhaps unsurprisingly, said that it similarly only contained minor bug fixes and improvements.


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