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While it lacks a treat dispenser, the Petcube is attractive, functional and sets the bar for pet cameras.

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Camera has plenty of neat features that will make sure you never leave your dog’s side, even if you’re away from home.

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The two-way audio allows pet parents to conveniently and, if necessary, secretly talk to their pets and let them know you're on the way home.

The secure Petcube network is encrypted and secured through 128-bit encryption and other security protocols adding to your piece of mind.

Through the Pawbo app, you can toss a treat to your pet, letting you play a game of catch or rewarding your dog for good behavior.

The camera is also equipped with a laser point you can toggle on and off, a unique feature that should be especially appealing to cat owners.

Capable of holding around 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite treat, you can quickly play a game of fetch when you’re away by shooting the treat out of the Furbo and watching with amusement on the 720p video camera.

It has a 120-degree wide-angle view and comes with night vision.

The Petzi pet camera bids adieu to the laser in lieu of a treat dispenser.

With a 720p wide-angle camera with night vision on board, you won’t get the full HD experience, but the quality is more than good enough to get a view of what your pet should or should not be doing.

The inclusion of the treat dispenser allows for several small treats to be dispensed at one time for multiple pets or just to spoil the lone king or queen of the house.

The onboard audio system allows for one-way communication with your pet, but, unfortunately, there’s no way to hear your pet respond to the sound of your voice.

Widely regarded as the best overall pet camera on the market, the Petcube Camera offers a 1080p video experience, two-way audio, night vision and a built-in laser for some away-from-home pet fun.


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