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You know those staged pictures of adoring couples gazing tenderly into each other’s eyes, holding each other with enviable affection?It’s usually the manufacturer’s photo that comes tucked into a picture frame—the one you remove and replace with your real picture.Like two lions forming a pride, the Leo man easily forms a unit with his woman.

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What to expect when dating a leo man

If, on the other hand, you’re more of a follower than a leader – or you’re looking for a trophy boyfriend – then dating a Leo man could be very good for you.

Because Leo is a FIRE sign, this man takes an intensely passionate approach to life.

Okay, they’re a confident, ambitious bunch and not the type ever to sell themselves short.

But deep down, most Leo men are actually simple-hearted souls with a transparent, uncomplicated agenda and a fairly simple set of needs.

He longs to sit at the top of the mountain with you, looking at the homes, cars, children and years you’ve logged, to pull you close and whisper with awe, “Look what we’ve built together.”He wants to inspire awe and admiration from others, too.

The Leo man needs to be looked up to as a role model.

Who could forget the legendary Leo-Leo coupling of J. During his presidential campaign, Leo Bill Clinton had Hillary so involved, the press started calling them “Billary.” A headline is a headline, and he’s glad to share ink with his devoted other half.

Of course, if that other half should outshine him or make him look foolish (remember the Bennifer box-office bomb that began their downfall? A Leo man has to get burned pretty badly not to touch the hot stove again.

WHAT TO DO ON A DATE WITH A LEO MAN Like every big cat, to get him purring contentedly all the Leo man really wants is for you to stroke his mane, tickle his tummy and tell him he’s truly wonderful.

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