marijuana friendly dating sites - When women pull away in dating

Then let her initiate contact with you when she’s a.

She’s maintaining the relationship: as strange as it might seem, When your girlfriend pulls away from you, there’s a good chance that she’s doing it to keep the relationship alive.

If you want your relationship to stay fresh and interesting, you won’t get upset when your girlfriend pulls away because she’s doing it for the benefit of your relationship.

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To us men this doesn’t make sense, but a woman is much more skillful than a man when it comes to relationship management.

A woman understands that if she spends all her time with you that you will, at some point, get tired of seeing her.

But remember, a woman doesn’t respond to messages or initiate contact just because she has a small window of opportunity.

A woman will get in touch with you when she misses you or “feels” like she wants to talk to you and see you. When a woman is legitimately busy, let her deal with whatever she has to deal with.

As humans most of us know that being clingy and needy is unattractive and women are even more in tune with this feeling than men.

She’s testing you: there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t at some point been tested by a woman.

One of the most common tests that women run on men is the “I’m backing away, what are you going to do now? The reason why women run this test on men so often is because it’s so effective at weeding out the weak men from the strong.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that 95% of men out there get paranoid and insecure when a woman suddenly pulls away from them.

Giving a woman space and allowing her time to miss you is crucial in the attraction building process. If a woman sees you all day everyday, not only will you have nothing new to talk about, but the attraction will quickly die in the relationship.

Women know this and, believe it or not, they actually want time to miss you.

And for all you guys out there who hate a woman’s tests, well, I’ve got some bad news for you…

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