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Despite being a teen film, it was so much more than that, with a witty, intelligent script and a perfect cast to pull it off, making it one of those movies that fans turn back to even 17 years later.As the years have gone on, the director, screenwriters and the cast have spilled secrets here and there about filming and working together, leaving us with these 10 things we never knew about and the band, Letters to Cleo, makes a couple of appearances.

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’ As we started playing we saw the helicopter appear off in the distance.

It’s hard to say how far away it was at first, because we were so high up in the air.

Following the birth of Iris, Sadie was able to seek help and control her PPD with medication again but after Rudy was born things were worse.

Friends begged her to seek help, but she was eventually committed to a psychiatric ward, separating her from her children once more.

He then had a relationship with Catherine Harding with whom he has a child named Ada.

premiered on HBO in 2016, the combination of bizarre premise, unique marketing, and, yes, Jude Law, made for a cocktail that sent the clergy (sorry) of meme-land into an absolute frenzy. We're just gonna roll that all back, as HBO is teaming up with Law again for the new Rival Actor: Wow, Jude, you're really thinning up top.Fortunately, this point was a low from which Sadie only traveled upwards.When Iris Law was two years old, she was taken to a children's birthday party, thrown for a friend of her brother Rafferty, at a private club called Soho House.He will soon be seen in Genius s character Thomas Wolfe, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur as Vortigen. Laws career has seen many highs whereas his relationship status has seen many lows however; he has managed to balance both.Law met actress Sadie Frost in the set of Shopping and the couple went on to get married on 2nd September 1997. He then went on to date actress Sienna Miller and got engaged in 2004. Laws estimated net worth is million which shows his huge salary.Aside from the prom scene, their most notable performance is at the end credits where they are performing precariously on the roof of the school, and according to lead singer Kay Hanley, it was really terrifying.


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