Who is logan lerman currently dating

His performance was described as a “great turn” that earned a couple of prestigious awards.

His other noted acting credits include to Yuma in 2007, The Three Musketeers in 2011, Noah in 2014, Indignation in 2016, and Sgt. Logan made his first TV appearance in the 2003 police drama TV series “10-8: Officers on Duty”, playing Bobby Justo in just one episode of the series.

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I admit I didn't like his role as Percy Jackson but he is better for a bad boy role in a rated R…

Some videos on youtube made by Logan Lerman09 claim that the two are dating, but there is a lot of speculation that the videos were made by Nadeen Laforet herself.

Young Artist Award for Best Performance by a Leading Young Actor in television production, along with Calum Worthy.

He was described as a “promising newcomer” by critics.

he is also well known for his role as Bobby in the T. series "Jack and Bobby", and he did a few movies lately that were super popular like The Percy Jackson series, The Perks of being a Walflower, and Noah, and one thats coming out in about a week, "Fury", but he did not become famous… The only eye condition I'm aware of him having is partial heterochromia iridis, which causes the inner part of his irises to be a different color than the rest. The question should probably be what color ARE Logan Lerman's undies, and the answer is likely to be that the colors vary.

While he supposedly doesn't have a huge preference when it comes to girls, she's as far from his type as it gets! lol ;) Typically, Logan Lerman is 18 years of age and Alexandra Daddario is 23 years of age which makes Alexandra Daddario 5 years older than Logan but they make a cute combination so I guess age doesn't matter. I know about Taylor Lautner's abs, that does not make him good looking! he has done: What Women Want (2000) The Patriot (2000) the butterfly effect (2004) Hoot (2006) to Yuma (2007) The number 23 (2007) Gamer (2009) My One and only (2009) Percy Jackson and the lightning theif. If you mean young, as in, around late teens early twenties, probably.

In August 2010, Lerman appeared in “Change the Odds”, a public service announcement video for the Stand Up to Cancer charity along with stars like Zac Efron, Andrew Garfield and Dakota Fanning.

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In 2014, he played Private Norman Machine Ellison in the critically acclaimed American war movie, Furry.


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